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Trouble at the Crab Shack Café
Ellie Booton's Journal, No. 1

Reading age 9 and up.

Introducing a new and quirky heroine: eleven year old Ellie, who writes about her first summer living in Grandma’s coastal home. Gilby Flynn casts a shadow at school and home life is a bumpy ride - but when Ellie teams up with Elsie, things start to improve. It's summer and the Crab Shack Café looks like it will be a haven - until things start to go horribly wrong. The weather is AWFUL. Seagulls screech, the wind howls, and there’s TROUBLE in the air. And who is the solemn boy who always carries a camera? There’s a mystery to solve and Ellie’s happiness depends on it.

Atmospheric, thoughtful and heart warming, this funny story, told by Ellie, delves into life at its trickiest.

Flinty Maguire writes deftly through the eyes of an eleven year old girl confronting life experiences which would daunt most adults. Ellie’s journal is a revealing and thoughtful read. It’s true – when children are quiet, you need to check what they’re doing. Paced and poignant, Ellie’s journal shows that life, friendship and family, is never quite straightforward.

  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • Publisher: Burdock House
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-099309843
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Ancient Mariner – TOP 500 Amazon reviewer

Ellie Booton is a bright, observant, sensitive, practical young girl who undertakes to write a journal describing a tumultuous summer in her little village. From her new friendship, to multi-generational family dynamics, to a sibling love story, to a beloved neighbor's financial crisis, events both large and small are filtered through her eyes and imagination and presented to us as lovely and fresh thoughts about the many virtues, pleasures, and small kindnesses we often overlook. Spiced with sly good humor, some very funny bits, and the occasional bit of edge, this book is never heavy-handed, but is always brisk, direct and engaging.

Ellie is a cheerful, unflappable and genuine companion, and this book is a calm, clever and mellow discovery.

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