Flinty Maguire, life at the coast and why she supports Kimbilio
Flinty Maguire moved to the coast when she was six. She ran on the beach with Mitzi, a Sealyham Terrier, who didn't like water and paddled only by mistake.

Flinty spent many years inland, missing the sea. She now lives at the coast in North East England with her husband and her mum. She has two dogs: a golden Labrador who loves to paddle and eat – well, anything really – and a quirky rescue fluff-ball who lives to adore and be adored. There are also rescue hens in the family, and long may they cluck.

Flinty is a voluntary worker and supporter of the charity, Congo Children Trust, which runs Kimbilio, a sanctuary for vulnerable children in DR Congo. Kimbilio is now the home of Richard and Dorsen, ex child cobalt miners, who told their story to Alex Crawford of Sky News in February 2017, highlighting the issue of child labour in the rechargeable battery industry.

Find out more about Kimbilio.



Here's Flinty with Mitzi, the most adorable dog a child could ever grow up with.

Mitzi and Flinty Maguire

And here's Flinty running on the beach with Cindy, her Auntie Dot's dog, who came for a holiday at the seaside.

Flinty Maguire and Cindy

Bronte and Pippy love the beach. Bronte spends a lot of time laughing her head off and Pippy likes to chuckle.

Bronte and Pippy

It's funny - Bronte and Pippy leave Flinty alone to get on with her work, until they sniff a biscuit or a bun at coffee time.

Flinty Maguire, Pippy and Bronte




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