Life at the coast, and why I support Kimbilio
I moved to the coast when I was six and spent a lot of time on the beach chasing Mitzi, a Sealyham Terrier, who didn't like water and paddled only by mistake. She was the first dog in my life.

I relocated, grew up, moved again (and again, and again), and spent years inland, missing the sea. I now live at the coast in North East England with my husband and my mum. We have two dogs: a rescue dog from Romania who spent years in a shelter with few comforts; he came to us after our labrador, Bronte, died. Bronte inspired Herman, Ellie's dog, so that's a photo of me with her on Saltburn pier. In my arms is Pippy, our quirky rescue fluff-ball who lives to adore and be adored.

I support the charity, Congo Children Trust, which runs Kimbilio, a sanctuary for vulnerable children in DR Congo. Kimbilio is now the home of Richard and Dorsen, ex child cobalt miners, who told their story to Alex Crawford of Sky News in February 2017, highlighting the issue of child labour in the rechargeable battery industry.

Here's a link if you'd like to find out more about Kimbilio.



Here I am with Mitzi. And so began my love of dogs...

Mitzi and Flinty Maguire

And here's me running on the beach with Cindy, my auntie's dog.

Flinty Maguire and Cindy

Bronte loved the beach. She spent a lot of time laughing her head off. For those who have ever loved and lost a dog, you'll know that we miss her every day. Pippy is full of chuckles too.

Bronte and Pippy

And here's Harry, our rescue from Romania. He was abandoned in a field and spent six long years in a shelter, waiting for a home and a family to love him. I saw his photo online and he looked so sad. He's now used to a comfortable bed, good food and walks on the beach. Oh, and lots and lots of cuddles and love.





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