KIMBILIO, the Swahili word for sanctuary, a safe place to run to.

Kimbilio, run by the UK registered charity, Congo Children's Trust.
Kimbilio, Children's Sanctuary
Lubumbashi, DR Congo

The Congo Childrens Trust is a small, wonderful charity which runs Kimbilio, a sanctuary for vulnerable children in DR Congo. Children here often end up working on the streets or in colbalt mines.

FACT: Children labouring in cobalt mines in DR Congo can work 12 hours for as little as 8p. Sometimes they earn nothing – which means they don’t eat. Many children have no education. Cobalt is found in smartphones and things with rechargeable batteries, including electric cars.

Kimbilio children are nourished and nurtured; they learn practical skills and experience education, family and friendship. It is a place away from the exploitation of the mines and the misery of surviving on the street.

Every penny raised for Kimbilio makes a difference to children’s lives. We're building a school!

You can donate directly, and if you do, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

How I got involved with Kimbilio

To cut a long story short, I saw a news report of children working in cobalt mines. Two boys were interviewed by Alex Crawford of Sky News. They were Richard and Dorsen and they were struggling through 12 hour days of hard labour for as little as 8p. They were hungry and exhausted. Through Facebook, I found Ian Harvey, founder of the Congo Children Trust charity. Together, we asked Alex Crawford to go back for Richard and Dorsen. Alex Crawford and her team made a difficult journey and relocated the boys who are now supported by Kimbilio. Ian and I have become friends, and I have the amazing privilege of supporting this charity. There are thousands of children who need our help.

I've joined a team of volunteers who raise awareness in our communities and schools, of the plight of Congolese children. With others, I also sew Congolese fabric to sell to raise funds. As I've just finished my third book, The Abandoned Rule Book, I can donate the royalties from it to help the children. It's a great read for ages 9 to 99+! It would make a great stocking filler.

The next challenging project for Kimbilio is to build a school. Work is underway.

July 2018: Richard and Dorsen - A life of hope, away from the mines
February 2017: Meet Dorsen and Richard, child cobalt miners. Film viewed over 63 million times   May 2017: Sky News team return to offer Richard and Dorsen sanctuary at Kimbilio
November 2018: Ian Harvey, founder of Kimbilio, visits Brotton, NE England.


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