Ellie Booton's latest journal: The Abandoned Rule Book
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Ellie's NEW JOURNAL: coming soon! Brace yourself. It's Ellie, unfiltered.

Ellie is 12 years old. Her parents are swanning off to America without her. They're leaving her with big brother, Eddie, and a rule book. She's not keen on rules and thinks Eddie stinks. What could possibly go wrong?

The Abandoned Rule Book introduces new characters. Enter, brother and sister, Bella and Eden, whose dad, Mr. Vittori, owns the Little Egret Hotel where strange things are going on. While Elsie leaves under a cloud, Jack's back for the summer. Unfortunately, Gilby Flynn is back too, and his dad, Liam, who should probably sue the charm school he went to. There's Tilly, a scruffy, fey dog who knows more than she's letting on. And, of course, Herman, the Labrador, who holds things together like glue, as dogs often do. And then there's Eddie and why he bought a boat called Susie Q.

Ellie is growing up - or at least, she's trying to.

When I first started writing Ellie Booton's Journals, Ellie had just turned eleven and was struggling to find her feet. Since then, she's come a long way. Don't be fooled by the cartoon depictions of Ellie and her friends. In this latest journal: The Abandoned Rule Book, they're all growing up.

Is growing up a straightforward process? No. That's why there are so many adventures!

A note from Walter

Ellie's dad, Walter speaking. Just a heads-up before anyone thinks that Ellie really was abandoned. No - we didn't leave her all alone. Ellie was in the care of her adult brother, Eddie, and her Grandma, Ruby, who is 78 years young. Eddie, by the way, is not an ape, contrary to Ellie's rather immature and rude assessment. It was a responsible arrangement and Ellie was perfectly safe - or so we thought. Ellie's journal is not for the faint-hearted. Parents' beware. Kids can end up teaching you a lesson.

COOPER: One year older than Ellie. It wasn't certain they were ever going to be friends but he can practically read her mind. Excels in maths and logic. Often keeps worries to himself.

EDDIE: Ellie's 20-something brother on a smart day. Was unhappy in college. Found it hard to wash at times. Not built for conflict. Is following in Grandma's footsteps.

JUNA: When people creep about in the shadows, you have to ask yourself why. Talented artist. Loves animals and appreciates small kindnesses. Juna's life is transformed by friendship.
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